Just the four of us

And finally it is just us, the four of us… And finally we moved to a new place with a big yard and a little farm. We still have to unpack a lot of things but we did it! We moved and we are still together going through so much right now but still together. My friend and her baby are traveling around and my husband is being a 24/7 dad for the first time. He’s doing OK, he realizes now that is not easy to do much around the house and having a toddler and an infant to take care of. He now knows that sometimes the girls wake up at 5:30am and won’t go to bed until 10:00pm. And that’s OK, that’s life, that’s our day to day… Some days will be shorter, some days will be longer but nothing matter because we love them! Finally I’m settling down a little bit… Like a turtle, very slow but I’m doing it… And I guess that’s all that matter!