Lost in the world

And we lost our train from Bratislava to Budapest, then we lost our flight from Budapest to Naples. So we decided to take an extra week to explore more of Eastern Europe. We went back to Vienna and then from Vienna to Prague. So far Prague has been awesome! We found a little coffee shop KAVÁRNA, very rustic and warm, with great food and coffee of course! A nice deck that faces to the woods, we can listen to the birds singing and 15 steps down the street, there is a great playground, so calm and quiet. Kids play without adult supervision, everyone shares food and it is very relaxing. What a nice place to spend the day! It is so nice to see how children can play together even without speaking the same language. If you go to Prague, keep in mind these places, you’ll love them! 



Here we are in Budapest, Hungary after taking an airplane from Naples to Budapest, 1 bus and 2 trains to our airbnb… With 3 kids under 3 and 4 purses… HERE. WE. ARE! First time traveling with my 2 kids, (2.5 years old and 7 months old) It is fun, it is challenging, it is awesome, it is exhausting… But I’m glad my friend is with us and her 15 months old giving me a hand! We have walk so much, carrying the babies, taking the strollers, walking and walking. Budapest is such a beautiful city, the people is amazing, very generous and kind specially with young children.

The food… So far, nothing to die for… But we’ll see what the next days bring for us.

About friendship… Oh well, things are pretty good, but always remember… It is really different to travel with someone else and with kids. Flexibility and eating is a MUST! I used to travel alone and it was really great but lonely (although I didn’t care too much about being alone!) Now we wake up at 6am (usual time for my toddler) and by the time we are ready to go it is about 10am. Between 6am and 10am I have changed diapers twice, prepared breakfast, prepare our bag for the day and convinced my toddler to get dressed!

Anyway, so far everything is going better than expected and I think we make a good team. 

If you can visit Budapest, do it! It is a very beautiful city and really affordable.