Wild Free life

And we are here, living in an Italian little farm with hens, chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, a couple cats, a dog and roosters, a big orchard and many fruit trees. Every morning we wake up, pick up some mulberries, cherries and plums and sometimes fresh eggs. Our next door neighbors have a couple horses, cows, pigs, lambs and so many acres with animals and vegetables. We are living in between mountains but close to the city. Our place is not rustic, it looks more like grandma’s house (not my style at all!) but still it doesn’t matter because everything else is perfect! I wanted so badly to give my kids the opportunity to live in nature, to be free, to get dirty, to be fearless, to respect nature. And here we are! Today my 2 year old went with me to feed the hens and roosters and she did great, not afraid at all and then we went to say hi to the horses and she pat one of them in a very gentle way. I mean…being a toddler is difficult, being gentle at that age is difficult but I guess sometimes animals can teach way better than what we can say or do.

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