When friendship takes the wrong turn

And I’m here, just sitting on the white chair in my white kitchen (a lot of white in this part of town!) and I’m thinking… How did I get here? How in the world did I ask the wrong, weirdest question ever? Where was my mind in that moment? Was I drunk?! (No, I wasn’t…!) So…. What happened? She played it cool, we laughed about it, she knows I’m awkward and pretty weird but we are friends after all… Then off to bed. Today I wasn’t home all day and when I got home she said she didn’t feel comfortable with what I asked the night before, she told me the reasons why so this time I thought…fuck! It does sound awkward, it is so weird and none of those reasons crossed my mind before! Now, we have to share a very small space without having a break from each other and that makes things even worse. I’m wondering what happened with the cool friend of last night who took things pretty laid back and the friend today who made everything sound so serious and uncomfortable? I asked her, she said she couldn’t understand what I was saying… We will talk later…later never happened. 

Anyway I guess sometimes friendship takes the wrong turn and things could get weird, hopefully tomorrow we will have a fresh, sunny, new day and everything will be normal again. 

If you are wondering about the question…. Well, I won’t tell you, it is just too awkward to repeat it. And now I feel uncomfortable!